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11:49 PM
5 bottles of Stella and two packets of hulla hoops
Time to talk real shite folks.
I've just bought myself a new guitar. I was going to buy myself an expensive guitar like a fender or....well a fender strat of some sort, but i decided instead to get myself an epiphone SG copy instead. I'm sure the extra €500 would've been apparent in the sound, but i am happily munching on hulla hoops and drinking beer with a totally untouched conscious knowing that i didn't piss away the extra spends on a hobby.
I just became qualified to teach English to poor foreign people the other week...which is nice. I will instead, stay here where the money is good, and use the TEFL cert for when things go tits up and we have to move to China to get away from all the racism and opression that real poverty will or may bring....as it is, we're sorted financially as a family unit so we'll hang around for a while and enjoy capatalism for  a few more years :)
I'm a bit drunk (see title), but I've been neglecting the site as of late (overtime/study/...that's about it) so i thought i'd throw a few lines up for the few to read. Oh my god the English got gubbe tonight....i mean i'm so happy i didn't bet on them to win (which i was thinking about)...Argentina for the cup anyone?
536 minuts practice so far.
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