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1:41 AM
Back to Normal
I've played 100 (180 the week before) minutes this last week ...so 2460 /2738 for the year.
I've played 14/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made14/52 music videos.
I've run 57.5 miles this year.

Hey there everybody.

I haven't written a blog entry for nearly a month now, so this might be a long one. I don't expect half of you to read all of it, so here are the cliff notes..

Came back from China, stopped running, knocked up my wife, youtube is full of drama whores, _______, profit.

I was in China for two weeks, and had a good time there. My cousin was getting married, and we were visiting family and stuff. I was going to make some videos when i was there but my SD card screwed up ,and to be honest i didn't feel like doing the video  thing while i was there. I was just enjoying being htere and being away from work and stuff, so i left everything western behind for a couple of weeks and chilled out.
Just before we went left the wife found out she was pregnant. We decided to wait till we went to the hospital over there to confirm it before we told anyone, and 5 days later we were happily announcing the coming of a little hucklet. I was also enjoying the fact that my self imposed ban from alcohol was over, and i made up for the nearly three months with no beer (it was cheap enough over there, so i made up for lost time hehe). Now i have new priorities. I took down the new year's video because i said there i would give a euro to charity for every mile i ran for the marathon attempt...That is now out of the question, but i may donate to my MSF charity page later on in the year, just nowhere near as much.

I haven't been training as much as i should have since i returned from China, and i really need to get my arse in gear. I intend to get myself dropped in the middle of Pheonix park once a week so i have to run back, and i would've been to the gym today if i wasn't doing the Garden for the past couple of days....excuses excuses i know, but i have no intention of being a loser, i will be doing this marathon and i will be getting back into training. I need to do this for me, not trying would be a total cock suck...trying and failing would just be disappointing.

I'm about 300 minutes behind in my 10,000 minutes practice, and i think if i take back up my blogtv shows i can get it back up quick, so  for the next week or so i';ll be practising a set that i can play, and i'll be back on blog tv just after. If you are interested in catching me on blogtv let me know. I'll be posting the dates of my weekend ones on the front page like i used to do, but i will be playing afternoons to get my practise in. I need to make a last gasp attempt at this before i'm swamped in nappies and poo.

Last but not least for now....I've been doing the talking videos of late. I'll post my latest one here aswell as sticking it in the front page, and from now on i will be posting them here as i make them. This week's vid was a reaction to what i see on youtube these days. Seems like drama gets views on youtube, and as soon as someone starts a bit of drama, everyone jumps in to cream off the views. I think i'd probably get more vies for my stuff if i joined a side and jumped in for a few "fuck you" vids...But i'm not going to. Instead i'm going to make drama free vids and just enjoy making them. I hope people who watch them can at least aknowledge or enjoy the fact.

Till Sunday...Peace out...Huck

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