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2:22 AM
Big things afoot.
First off...250 minutes playing this week, making 3905 since May. I'd love to finish 5000 for year end, but i doubt it would be possible.

Three big things have happened in the world of...well, Huck's world.

1) I won the ebay auction and got my video featured on Happy Cabbie's page and video...he has promised 4000 views, but that's not the big thing...Youtube sent me an e-mail saying my video was eligable for The individual video partnership program...this means i can put adsense on this video if it is accepted, and i've decided to do it (after chatting with Cabbie). This is a first step to partnership, but i know it is just a taste of what is over the next few hills and valleys, not round the corner. My video has had 1800 views but i've only got like three subscribers from all those views...i may never get a video watched by so many people again and for so few people to actually sub to my channel is quite disheartening to say the least.

2) Happy Cabbie has agreed to colab with a video for me. I will have to come up with something for him to do, but as i am currently on my "It's just a ride" series, then having him take part in one of these videos could be a great thing for me. i have to work out how to use this opportunity and not drop the ball, as it were. I was thinking of having him talk over the top of a tune i write, but my original idea was for him to come up with something...that won't fly, so now i have to provide a script and direction which has me temporarily stumped...All the same, this is a big thing for me, and if i can pull something half way decent off i can maybe entice others to colab or gain a bit of credability and more subs/views for all my videos.

3) I've just bought the domain name www.hucks-world.com for the next two years, and have it hosted. There is no site built yet, but with the help of Daemon Sin i/we/he will be able to create a new site for the new year. I will be trying to work on a merchendise line for it, and some interesting diversions for people who come to the site. It is something to work on, and i will keep using here until it is fully ready for launch. When it is i will be buying up some Tshirts and making some stickers for prizes and to stick in appropriate places respectively. A spring grand launch is the target, and if anyone can find a chess widget i can add to it, let me know (any othere fun widgets...point me in that direction).

I never played at blogtv this week, but i will be free to play every Sunday for the next month i think. I make the odd appearence week day afternoons from time to time, but i can't advertise them as they are largely spur of the moment.

Please comment on this post if you read it so i can se who is reading my posts...just for my own records.
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