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4:15 PM
Hey hey hey
Thought i should add something to this place before it looks totaly dead. I've been busy trying to finish my TEFL course in the past couple days but i took today off even though i'm close to the wire in finishing.
I played guitar for 45 minutes (the most i've played in any day this year, and clocked up 85 since i last posted in this blog. I played a few songs right through, and i have one song that i practice every day ( i still haven't managed to play it in a oner yet). Then I ran through a bit of lead and jammed a few riffs that i might use for this competition i've got myself into doing. I've decided that this lyric competition will have a minimum entry level, 50 was a number i was mulling around, maybe 100...i migh task a few mates for their thought. I also thought of a 3 month limit in case that number can't be met. The prize will be set at €50.
So, i have 258 minutes practice under my belt, and three course units to finish by monday (though i've been told i can get a little extra time to finish. Once i have, i can spend some decent time on my music. I'm thinking about starting music album reviews...i'll see how i feel when i have time to think :)
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