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9:38 PM
It's just a ride
First off...clocked 150 minutes this week (3285). I tried not playing covers atall and just jamming, and all it seems to've done is made me crap at the covers i do again...i need to find a decent prqctice system. I have next week off so i will set myself a target of 500 minutes for next week. That very doable, and i also need to change the strings on my guitar as they're starting to sound extra shit and dull.

Still haven't written a song, but i hit on an idea that i fancy trying out. I was watching "American" the story of Bill Hicks, and i thought about recording a weekly free-form piece and calling them "It's just a ride" in his honour. I tried to record a few minutes while playing live on my blogtv but the whole live show was shit and the free form part was well....just as shit as the rest. I'm still going to do it though. I need to start producing music and recording it migh t just be the way forward. A weekly piece would give me something to shoot for and as long as i don't take it too seriously, it can't lose from a personal perspective. I think i will make 21 vids called "It's just a ride (1/2/3/etc)" and just try and play from my fucking heart a bit. Thanks Bill.

Christmas is coming, and i'll soon be having my first xmas in our new house...nice one. I have so much to do to make this project move forward and little ability with most of the tools i need to use, or raw talent to fall back on...for now anyway. If you're reading this and think ytou can help leave a comment or contact me via the bottom of the page.

I'm off to feel sorry for myself a bit due to my shit performace tonight...Nah...fuck that hehe.


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