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9:25 PM
It's just a ride (Part 4)
Hi there.

 I posted my latest video in the video section, please enjoy. I liked doing it, and i may return to it at a later date and make it more structured. I was actually jamming around the chords i have for another song i am doing (going to be IJAR5) where i am teaming up with a cool dude named..."tperusic" on youtube. He got two of the six slots on happy cabbie's page and subbed ot me (and i returned the favour). After seeing how prolific he was with his vids i PM'd him and suggested we colab a bit...I should have something done for next week. Anyhoo...while jamming around with the chords i used for that ( capo on the 2nd fret) i came up with this.

I only managed around 100 minutes practice this week. Christmas is coming, and the wife has my free time that work hasn't stolen from me. 4005 minutes, can't see me hitting 5000 before new year, but that WOULD be a great achievement...just to be able to post that magic number. I will set myself a year target for new year, and i will be making a video around what i've done, and what i want to do for next year.

going to play fallout New Vagas now...peace out


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