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7:10 PM
My new idea
I've decided not to use this blog as a daily event thing where i bore people to tears about what i had for breakfast, but rather use it when i have some genuine stuff to share with people.
Daemon Sin said that in order to get people to come to the site, i had to fill it wqith stuff to do - Good content, games, liven up the forums and stuff like that. I'm thinking on having a lyrics writing competition where i record a piece of music, and get people to write the lyrics for it, i could then get the word out that there is a cash prize (i'm thinking on €20 for the first one). I'm sure i could get a few people ot come and participate, and even if i don't it's not that much money that i'm sad if it doesn't work. Other things i'm thinking about is a music review section where i (or someone else) reviews an album/single every week. Some news on music might go well, or maybe some takes on current events that can be written by someone who likes to rant a little. I don't think i could do all these things on my own, so i may start asking if there are people that want to help. It would be crazy to expect to compete for the attention of the masses by typing my own stuff only. If you read this and you think you could fill a page with weekly articles or that you could contribute in some way, then PM me, or post it in the forum.
So, my next piece of music will be the one i use for the competition. I'll try and make it easy to use, and not to psychadelic (as is my preferred artistic measure). If i get enough responses to make the thing worth doing again, i can maybe try something a little more far out. I will then make a youtube video advertising the competition, and push it over the forums i use.
Another 65 minutes playing under my belt, so i think that's 173 if i'm not mistaken.
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