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9:50 PM
Saturday Night
Time for fucking and fighting...or something like that.

I've managed to throw up two youtube videos and not play on any of them, how lazy is that? I made one video for my friend Phil which is on the "Friend's videos" section, and i made a holiday video which i haven't added here...the power chord to my zoom 4 track recorder had been eaten by the moving house monster, and to be honest i've been too tired to make a decent song for a video lately. I've been sitting here for a while playing my guitar on chatroulette. There are less wankers on than last time i was here and i managed to play a few tunes to normal people. i sweated a bit when they stopped clicking next to listen....but hey, i guess i should be ready for that right?

Phil asked me to edit some pictures into a song he made after the barbeque we had. I did what i could, and added it to youtube for him. Also made a video of maybe 300 pictures the wife took of our holiday in America. If you want to see it, it's here....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJOH9EfJVBQ. I condensed all the pictures to about 2 minutes long, and stuck "Hotel Yorba" as the music backdrop. I thought it better than waiting till i found my power chord and the holiday was old and stale.

I'm back now, and doing major new housey stuff, like fitting carpets and Laminate flooring. My brother will becoming over next week from Scotland, and i will be getting batteries for my digi recorder so we can record some songs vefore he leaves (he is bringing his accoustic with him). I will also be asking him to go on livevideo.com aswell, so expect to see him there...i'll post the date up if i can.

What can i say about our holiday in America? We went to New York for a week which was....well, it was like a holiday in a metropolis, what can i say?...Then we went to visit Phil from "Phil in the Kitchen" for a barbeque with a bunch of friends from redhotpawn.com...i'll post the video in my video page, fuck it...go there and look.

Later, i'll add more soon...peace out...Huck.
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