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10:45 PM
Sober...sober....sober....bugger this!!
I've been sober nearly two weeks now, and this is supposed to be beer night....bugge bugger bugger bugger...god i need a freaking beer.

I managed 375 minutes practice this week, so that's 2985 since i began the count (i really should check the date for reference, would take me two freaking minutes aswell). i wil set another 400 target for this week.

My playing was kinda crap. I remembered a few songs from back when and played them as if they were gig ready (blogtv gig, anyway), and they weren't. I had virtually nobosy watching me until i started playing the old songs i usually do, then i hads a few stayers and even a friend invite. I doubt whether i will ever get above 6 people watching at one time, but as i am making mistakes still i don't mind.
I've noticed however, that trolls have started appearing on my shows...usually to say something like "guitarists are shit" then they leave...I laughed at my first troll...it was like a feeling of accomplishment getting my "first trolling". I'm sure it will get old quite quick though.

What news do i have?...I made a video for rememberance day, that was cool. I played a motorhead song, and used some footage of the somme mixed with the final scene from blackadder goes forth. I've recently realised that i cant find my e-licence for my cubase, so mixing multi-track songs is going to be difficult, if not impossible. I therefore got fruity loops, but it's looking like arabic to me right now....i need to find out how to use it.

Anyone who knows how to mix or make drum loops on fl who reads this....please contact me hehe.

Peace out....Huck
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