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10:27 PM
People were actually watching me tonight!!

I had like 4 or 5 stayers, and people jumping in and out of my live feed. Most of them were actually from the livevideo site itself rather than watching form here but still....woo fuckin hoo. I started alone and then someone started watching...then someone else....then one of them started chatting...then i had like 4 people watching. At this point i was at the end of my first half hour and decided to play on for a while - I ended up playing for 90 minutes then played another couple of tunes while chatting for 30 minutes with some guy from Valleja...it was kinda cool to have people watch/listen and not leave right away, and i think one of the main reasons was my new YETI!

I have got a Blue (brand name) Yeti, which is a professional usb mic. It's actually quite big (maybe a foot tall), and it has really really improved the sound from my live feed. I think it's the main reason people have started sticking around during my shows. Long may it continue. I now have a decent HD camera, a pretty awesome mic...and finger tips that hurt like buggery.

I still haven't put music to my chat roulette stuff but i put a video up that i made for a competition on youtube. A guy called Dprjones is hosting a 24 hour charity vlogathon on Blogtv.com. It is in aid of Medicine sans frontiere, and as part of it he set up a "MSF's got talent" where people reply with videos of their talent and the winner is picked during the vlogathon...i entered for a laugh.


That link is the video that dprjones made about th talent contest and if you're really interested you can find out about the blogtv thing aswell....18th September. (i'll actually be in New York that day, but what can you do).

Peace out...Huck.

Oh...110 more minutes, 1920 since the 10,000 thingy.
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