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12:44 PM
Talking Shite for a bit.
I haven't talked shite for a bit, so i thought i'd sow a little verbal excrement for a while.

I've joined a gaming community called Raptor squad ( http://www.raptor-games.com/index.php ). I got this game called APB which is a PVP (Player vs Player)  team based gangster v Police game. It's quite fun, although there are issues with it that need ironing out ( cheats, repetative missions, bad matchups). Being a team based game, i went on to their forum and looked for a team to join...i found Raptor squad. They play lots of different multiplayer shooter games, and i'm really liking Bad Company 2 right now....it's fun.

For those who didn't understand a bit of that...you really didn't understand a it? I thought it was really really clear, even for the non-gamer to understand.

Nobody really reads this shit anyway, so i can say what i want "I'm the lord Jesus Christ....think i'll get drunk and go beat up some midgets...what aout you Diane?"

Here's an interesting thing. I should be going to America soon. See that guy in the friends section that does the "Phil in the kitchen" it? I might be doing a face to face collab with him in Septemer...that is going to be neat. It all hinges in me and hte wife getting our holiday on, but everything is looking good for it at the moment. I won't be announcing it outside this page, but i think it will be cool to get a trans-atlantic collab going :). He is having a barbeque in Septemer, and the wife wants to go to New York, so i have a 95% chance of getting over and hooking up with some rib and beer action. It all hinges on how quick we get our new house and get moved in (although i've been given permission to take the holidays now, so ....Weeeeee!!

Yeah i asked my wife if i could go...big woop, wanna fight about it?

Anything else?.....eh, no i don't think so.

841 minutes playing since i started counting...i might make the ig push for 1000 by this weekend. I'll definitely post when i do.....Peace out...Huck

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