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5:49 PM
I know some people will be looking at this site and wondering if i've forgotten about it, but i haven't.
Truth is i've just to date worked 120 hours in the past 11 days wiothout a day off to speak of ( i had one, but i had to change from nights to dayshift and back again). I'm working tonight, then i have Saturday off...My TEFL prof has allowed me extra time to finish the last unit, so i'll be working on it Saturday/Sunday, so i'll be working on this on Monday....Promise.
I'm going to post a review of APB (Preview really as it's just a review on the keys to the city), i'm going to put a new song up, and i'm going to try and get some decent video of Dublin to put to music. I'm getting to buy a new guitar soon (and electric ,probably a Fender Strat), and i'll write the competition song when i get it. I wish i had a decent drum machine/software so i could make it a proper song but we'll do what we can.
Am i the only one tht hopes South Africa bombs out of the world cup so that those damn vuvuzelas stat disappearing? I really hope all the African teams drop out so we can start to hear the crowd again. They're like a mobile phone in the cinema, except the cinema allows them and there are 30,000 ignorant morons ringing to explain every action in the movie while i'm trying to watch it. If South Africa ever come to play Here i will personally buy tickets and hand them out to Millwall supporters and let them into the away end.
Off to work again....Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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