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Hi there guys.

I've played 210 minutes this last week ...so 1650 /1205 for the year.
I've played 14/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made 8/52 music videos.
I've run 43.5 miles this year.

I've been enjoying my playing of late, even though there seems to be a inverse correlation to the views i've been getting on spewtube. Putting the video and blog links on the home page here seems to be working for people (one click is so much easier than look and find), so i should be happy for that WINNAR~!. I just jammed a few decent riffs that i might turn into songs, and learned how to play Beautiful world (posted it almost immediately as a vid). It's strange to me the things that get attention really, the stuff i really like sometimes gets blanked whereas others (covers usually) get constant views (comparatively). Don't mind, don't care...enjoying the jams is really the best thing, fuck everyone else...well, the views are nice though.

Ran 15K this week, and set up my charity ... Read more »
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