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I've played 120 minutes this last week ...so 1770 /1479 for the year.
I've played 14/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made 9/52 music videos.
I've run 43.5 miles this year.

Didn't do much this week to increase my new year's targets. I never ran atall, and couldn't be arsed to do any blogtv. I just made a video for It's a ride (part 8) which i actually quite like. I had the second riff in my head and wanted to use it somehow.

The talking videos are a non-runner...i just can't be arsed doing them. I may do another, but my heart is not really in it.

Getting ready for my trip to China, and apparently we're going to Italy in April for easter weekend...is it hick like to say the food is my main draw to this country?

Not much to say, and i've said it. May have more to say next week....Huck
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