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I've played 410 minutes this last week ...so 2180 /1781 for the year.
I've played 14/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made11/52 music videos.
I've run 53.5 miles this year.

This will be my last blog entry before i head off on holiday. I will amend the numbers above so they are up to date before i go but otherwise this is the last post.

I probably run once more before i go, and clock up some more minutes of playing, but apart from that i'm winding down for China...weeeeeeeee.

I've recorded two songs since my last blog entry. Both covers, one from the barenaked ladies, one from Snow Patrol. I have little time for anything else right now. I recorded the video on the front page which i found thoroughly enjoyable. I made an intro (i like it, shut up), and i have another planned for Wednesday where i will leave a picture of me in front of a chinese flag at the end for a minute so i can get a thumbnail.  If i can find somewhere to power up my camera i will be ... Read more »
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