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I've played 100 (180 the week before) minutes this last week ...so 2460 /2738 for the year.
I've played 14/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made14/52 music videos.
I've run 57.5 miles this year.

Hey there everybody.

I haven't written a blog entry for nearly a month now, so this might be a long one. I don't expect half of you to read all of it, so here are the cliff notes..

Came back from China, stopped running, knocked up my wife, youtube is full of drama whores, _______, profit.

I was in China for two weeks, and had a good time there. My cousin was getting married, and we were visiting family and stuff. I was going to make some videos when i was there but my SD card screwed up ,and to be honest i didn't feel like doing the video  thing while i was there. I was just enjoying being htere and being away from work and stuff, so i left everything western behind for a couple of weeks and chilled out.
Just before we went left the wife found out ... Read more »
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