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I've played 300 minutes this last two week ...so 2760 /3123 for the year.
I've played 14/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made 15/52 music videos.
I've run 61.5 miles this year.

Doing this every two week till i start getting some views, there's only so much i can say when i work 60 hours a week anyway :P

363 minutes behind on my playing, so i have to get myself back on track. I have a couple of riffs i want to make songs out of, it's just the lyrics that are holding me back. Using the capo on 3rd and 4th frets respectively, one sounds a bit 60s hippyish, and the other is slow and uses a couple of chords i stole from the barenaked ladies. Every time i try to write lyrics the come out melancholy about the summer and telling people not to worry...is that strange? I think it's because i'm going to be a father and i'm feeling rather parental now.

Only ran once this week which is crap...gym on Teusday, i have to do it.

There is a friend of mine, his daughter ... Read more »
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