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9:31 PM
Blog TV, my new home.
A few things to say today.

I got myself a new cover song posted up, Pink Floyd's "Wot's...uh the deal?". I played it through the zoom and also recorded it with the yeti when i recorded the video. When i tried to synch the zoom audio up (with the intention to delete the other audio), the slightly out of synch audios made an effect that was quite similar to the original song...so i kept it....score.

I played on BlogTV.com instead of Livevideo.com. Live video went down for some reason, and so i embedded the blog tv instead. There are a lot more people there and i saw a lot of people jumping in and out of my show. I know i'm shit (i'm playing the recorded show bakc and it's dodgy at best), but i know i can improve and this "trial by fire" i am doing by playing can only be good for my confidence...it's embarassing making mistakes but i know i will endevour to be better knowing i have to play each week.

I made a joke intro for my songs using toon boom animation which you can check out on the front page of this site. I was talking with my mate who helped me design the site about giving it a makeover. This will be done in the next few months, not sure when though. He suggests that i use a different hosting site for it to give us more scope for the changes i want to make. The site will look brighter with a bit of a joe cartoon look maybe. I will be trying to make it a bit more iteresting, and throwing a few more ads up for people to click on...not that people are, but hey...it'd be nice ;)

I clocked 250 minutes in the past 5 days(2340 minutes so far). Not the 300 i was aiming for but more than double what i did in the two weeks previous. I will need to make a goal for next week...with 7 days to use i will set the goal of....500 minutes. I will also set the goal of making an original song. I'd like to make one i can play live so that will be my two goals for this week...No, make it three. I want to have two more songs to play live, two more covers that i can confidently play .

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