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Main » 2010 » August » 22 » Chat roulette, toon boom, and playing to an empty room.
9:18 PM
Chat roulette, toon boom, and playing to an empty room.
First off, i've clocked another 370 minutes practice time (making 1610 so far). I've got my new fangled web cam and i've been playing in front of it most days for at least 30 minutes. I've been going live on the old live feed and playing my wee heart out - to an empty chat room for the most part. This is not really such a bad thing as i've been making some holwers of mistakes, and it's more like live feeding practice sessions than anything worth listening to. I don't mind though, it's all practice and i like doing it so...go me This will be the last time i mention the fact, but i may write 500 words or so on the first time i get more than one viewer at any one time hehe :)

My new web cam being the first one i've owned in a few years (since i gave my old one ot my wife's mother so she could chat with her family back in China), i decided to visit that chat roulette site to see what it was all about. I'd seen that video with the piano player making songs up for the people he met, and i though it looked fun...OMFG...it's a wankers playground. I put on my tin foil hat and recorded an hour or so of reactions for a music video, and well...if you want to recreate the 50 minutes i cut out, you can with three easy steps.

1) Make up as many sex related web site names with the words "chat" or "roulette" (preferably both), and picture ads for them - 5 minutes.

2) (for men only) Take a picture of youself from the chest down in various positions and imagine it is someone else - 10 minutes.

3) Draw a picture of someone's cock and balls, and imagine they belong to some fat hairy guy and shake it in front of your face - 35 minutes.

I am, of course exagerating...there are non-hairy guys chaking their dicks about too, but you get the idea. Expect a new video before the end of next week, as i have about 12 minutes of video to cut down, and the music to make right now.

Last but not least, i've got myself a copy of "Toon Boom Studio v4.5". A friend was kind enough to furnish me a free copy, and i now have all i need ot make some pretty cool animations. All i need now is ability and a time machine. LIke most of the software i have i have zero to fuck all knowledge on how to use it, but i will try my best to throw out something. I'm still working on how to make a drum beat with groove agent one. I've kinda worked out where to start, but i really need someone to show me - which aint going to happen any time soon.

That's all the site stuff anyway.

We - me and he wife - get the keys to our new house on august 30th (Monday week), so i will be really busy with sorting stuff out in the new place. After that we're going to New York for 10 days with a short weekend break up visiting Phil from those videos in the "friends videos" section. When i come back i should be able to spend more time to spend on a new video or something.

Till next time....Peace. Huck

Oh, if you read this...leave a comment, or go over to the forum and make a post...these functions have dust on em, help me liven the place up a bit.

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