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3:42 PM
Feel like shit, deja vu
Got a cold...nothing to do with my music per se, but it is the reason i haven't preacticed for the past couple of days. I clocked up 150 minutes last week, which puts me up to 3135 minutes since i started this 10,000 clock up...i might zero this in the new year, not sure yet. Maybe i'll just log the year and keep it going.

I haven't learned any new songs, or written one for ages (i wish i could). Not sure why i can't write any stuff, i think i can jam a bit of a tune, but recording one is a different thing...making it interesting even more so. There's not much to write a song about at the moment. I usually get a buzz around something and finish it in a day, but i can't be arsed these days with anything i come up with. I will try this week not to play covers till sunday, that way i might find a few riffs i can put something together. I've worked out how to make drum riffs with cubase, but i need to work on it a bit. Playing to click tracks is so boring, and layering a song over them more so. Fuck it, i'll igve it a shot i guess.

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