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8:18 PM
Merry Christmas everybody
I posted my last song early, a couple of days ago. I worked with Tperusic on it and it is my first proper collab video. I am very pleased with how it came out, and i plan to do more collab videos...i just need to find people to collaberate with.

I never counted my minutes this week, and to be honest i never really picked up the guitar this week apart from making the song video...probably 40 minutes total if i'm lucky. I've decided to zero my coun ting for the New year and make 10,000 a year goal for next year...along with some other things (i'm making a list right now) that i will put in my new year video.

I will be making a video about what i plan to achieve in the next year. Among the list will be to make a music video every week, to run 1000 km in the year (with video based consaquences), to make a totally animated video, to make 10 collab videos at least...to build my web site, and other things i might add. This will be as much for myself as for others to see, and as this whole thing started as a new year's resolution it seems only right that i choose now to set my goals for the year 2011.

I'm sure only a few people will read this, and for all i know that few will be the only ones that ever read this. For those that have i want to say thank you for showing an interest, and i hope you stick around for next year. It was never my intention to do anything other than try to re-learn the guitar, and i've ended up posting and making videos both on youtube and on a website that i had hand in creating. This is way  mor ethan i expected to to...and next year i want to see if i can make this bugger pay. If nothing else, i want my guitaring to be better...that is, after all, what i am all about :)

Merry Christmas...Huck

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