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Main » 2011 » January » 31 » Missing a blog, and talking shite on youtube...
9:56 PM
Missing a blog, and talking shite on youtube...
I've played 440 minutes this last two weeks ...so 1160/822 for the year.
I've played 10/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made 7/52 music videos.
I've run 22.5 miles this year.

This is my first blog entry for two weeks, as i was sick last week and didn't do anything last Sunday. This week i made a couple of videos where i just talked in them. One was a tester about the new youtube homepage layout, and the second was a reaction video about a debate/argument i saw on blog tv between and athiest and a theist...the subsaquent reaction ot the blogtv show in question spawned 4 videos in total that i have seen (mine being one of them), and it has brought my own opinions on the whole debate to the fore.
I am a devout believer in the word "Agnostic", and i plan to explain it in my next talking video using a cup and a ball of some description maybe. The whole argument has also made me see that there are a whole bunch of wanker athiests (or anti-thiests) on youtube who i really think are....well wankers of course. It is one think to think on eway, and another to debate with people who believe the opposite...that is normal...it's the guys that get their jollies kicking believers in god that i find reprehensable. They are scum, and htey get away with their own particular brand of hate because All the cool kids on youtube seem to be athiest. They can all suck my balls...haters are haters, end of.

I have returned to the gym for the time being with my running and training. I had started street running, but i've realised that in the gym i can have my run (granted, it's on a treadmill), tehn do other things to improve my all round fitness. I plan to run From Howth in Dublin to my home some time in April which is 13 miles...and 4 time more than i can manage right now...i don't expect to be able to run it all, but i'm sure going to give it a shot. I'll try to run/walk 10k tomorrow.

Music wise i think i need a kick up the backside. My learning has become a bit stale, and i need something to drive me on to the next level...Not sure what that is yet, but i will endeavour to write  a few decent songs till i find what i need to push me on...any suggestions can be gien in the comments of this blog entry (if yos can be bothered).

I'm off up ot sleep now, i have a big run to attempt tomorrow :P

Peace out....Huck

P.s...Enjoy my first reaction video *Warning, contains swears*

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