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9:39 PM
Out of Practise and it showed.
I just finished playing for 35 mintues on livevideo.com and my lack of practise was really apparent. My playing was shit...ier.

I don't mind really, i'dve been more unhappy if i'd not played atall. As it is i've just playd crap accoustic songs to one or two passrs by rather than being a quiter. I'll need to get myself back into practise and set aside some time for myself to play. I know i played quite a lot Friday night of the barbeque, but everyone was drunk from start time to end....i could've played horse manure and they wouldn'tve given a crap. My kind of audience ;)

I'm trying to add Hotel Yorba to my repertoire (it's just the lyrics that are stopping me). I'll play it every day for a while, that'll drum it into my brain.

Clocked a mere 125 minutes since i last recorded it. I haven't counted any playing i did in America because...well because i cant remember how long i played for really, so i'll just count what i've done since my return and try to get a decent amount done before the new year. I'd love to shoot for 5000 minutes, but i'd be deluding myself....as if i have that kind of time to spare these days. (2070 minutes down, just 7980 to go)...For those of you just reading this, i decided some time back to count the minutes and try to clock 10,000 minutes practice. It's harder than it sounds.

Well, it's Sunday. So that means Beer night....think i'll eat indian food, get drunk, and maybe clock some more minutes...or play Dead Rising 2, whichever i'm sober enough to do...Peace out. Huck
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