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11:04 AM
Quick entry then back to practicing.
120 minutes down (2090). This sucks big time, as i'm not getting decent practice at the moment. So, i've decided to set myself a few weekly goals to get me back on track. As it's Wednesday, this week it's going to be an easy one...300 minutes by Sunday night.

I will try and write a new song this week, and if i can post it up before Sunday all the better. I've no time what with work an all to make a video, so we'll have to see how that goes.

That is all for now, i'm off to try and bite into that 300 minutes now. If i can make a decent hole in it, it will make it easier for me to get a video up :)....any ideas for songs or vids are appreciated.

....Oh, and i was thinking of making a standard intro to my songs with an animation and a bit of music. It will be something like "Huck's world Huck's world...Subscribe to my youtube channel and maybe google will give me some money". It has a ring to it, i think.

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