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3:31 PM
Website seeks professional help
So, i quickly realised that HTML and CSS are not my thing. I've managed to score the help of a professional web designer in the form of Daemon sin to work on the site and make it look respectable. The top bar, and teh layout are examples of his handy work, and i'm eternally greatful for his help. I'm sure as the site gets older, and hopefully people start using it, he will be onhand to make any changes that are needed (if he doesn't kill me first for annoying him). PLans include a page of my archived videos, a page for friends to post their videos (in the future), a photo page for fellow "tin foil hat" enthusiasts...that's about it so far. Once the tweaks are finished, i'll start pushing the site and promoting it as best i can (by emailing all my friends and saying "look at this please :P" 108 minutes practice as of now. I hope to get an electric guitar soon, and a lead to plug it straight into my Zoom h4n. I hope that will increase the range of music i can produce...i'm sure it will. Anyhoo....back to farting about till it's time to go to work ;)
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