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9:50 PM
Weekly update and PWNING Gothatfunk
Nov 7th and i had a reasonably good session on blogtv. Two people chatted (which is 2 more than last week...just lurkers then), i had at least someone listening pretty much all the way through it, and i think i had a good time playing...which is the most important thing, i think. I recorded most of the show for people to see and added an intro explaining what i'm about, i then proceeded to make mistakes in nearly every song i played-Sod's Law.

I played for 270 minutes this week...not exactly the 500 i was going for but better than last weekand most weeks to be honest. So,i will be attempting to hit 400 this week to make it attainable.(2610)

Gothatfunk asked people to pwn him as part of his subscriber drive to 5000 on youtube My youtube pwnage attempt is on my videos page...enjoy.

I only learned one song this week that i could take to the live show so i want to try and learn another this week,maybe two. I want to be realistic so i'llsay one,but two would be nice. I try to play my set every day then work on stuff i cant play yet ("fade out" and "if i fall" are two i want to get down....oh yes,i will get them down). I am trying to work out how to play "prettiest eyes" by the beautiful south aswell, it's a ...well Beautiful song.

Well, that is allfor now. My keyboard is fucked right now because i dropped it. The space button fell out ing and the left shift button seems dodgy aswell, so typing this is very annoying.

Peace out....Huck

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