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10:30 PM
What's another year?
I've played 420 minutes this last two week ...so 3180 /3507 for the year.
I've played 14/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made 17/52 music videos.
I've run 65.5 miles this year

It's been a year since i started this blog/site. I noticed just as i started typing this.
I've made two music vids since i last blogged. One was a song i wrote myself (for which i am very proud of), and one is a version of a David Grey song.

The song i wrote myself is called "raise a glass for Danny" and is basically a song about reminiscence. Danny is an old friend of mine who died some time back, and he is one a few people who died young in my area or in my group of friends/associates. He actually died in his 40's so he was not as young as most of those who fell by the wayside, but he was a good friend of mine so i thought using his name was apt for the song. Wherever you are mate, i hope you're enjoying a glass of Bucky or whatever.

I managed 420 minutes practice in the past two weeks, which means i'm 327 minutes behind in my target now. I heard about a guy on the radio who plans  to learn golf by playing 10,000 hours because he heard that some bigwig said that you can be an expert at anything after 10,000 hours of practice...only 60 years of this before i can be a good player then :P If anyone asks i'm going to swear he got the idea from me haha.
I plan to steadily increase my playing, but rather than overkill and burn now, i'm just going to keep steady and build on that over time. Maybe i'll get my 10,000 hours, maybe i'll get a few more of my own songs out before the year end. I may also start up my blogtv again this week coming, that should build up my playing time nicely. I will play my latest work each time in hope it gets heard, if someone says it's good i'll jiz me pants on the spot LOL. 

I got some new subs on youtube (about 14...53 in total). THis would be great if they all watched my shit, but my last song has been up two days and has only got 5 views...i've known for some time that subs don't equate to views, but my view count actually dropping was an unforseen event...I've kept my own song on the main channel page, so i guess that is taking some views from it.

That's me for another fortnight....take care...Huck

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