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4:51 PM
1,000 minutes, and lot's of changes afoot.
Well, i've finally broken the 1,000 minute practice marker! 1,091 to be precise, and i hsaved a few off here and there when i didn't write down my start times just so i kept it honest....so, let's round it down to a healthy 1,090 minutes. I will be ramping up my practice as i get closer to going to America to Phil's place> I don't want to be crap if they ask me to play - i want to carry  off anything i try if you will - so i will be trying to make my playing gig ready...which leads me to my next paragraph.

I will be setting up a way to play live on the net and Daemonsin is going to set up my page for me so that people can watch me play live on the site. I will be using a livefeed site that lets you embed your feed to your site, and then adding a chatroom addon under it so that people can chat while they watch. This will be started mid August when the new "Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910" comes out. It has double mics which will be handy for catching my playing. when i get it i will test myself by playing some covers whenever i have the time, maybe get a friend to check the sound etc by listening and giving feedback. The next stage will be getting Daemon sin to set up the page, at the same time playing live when i get the chance (the format being 20-30 minutes play, then chatting with anyone who watches and trying to direct them to the site). When i can get a regular playing time i might start thinking about touting the times, at the same time i hope i might have some original tracks i can play.

We will be moving into a new house soon so a lot of the above will be dependant on time allowance, but what having a whole house to use will mean is i can get some Chroma key and make some new styles of video. Chroma key (if you don't know) is "green screen" or  "blue screen" which you can put backgrounds on (kinda like what they do in the movies, except amatuer). I will have a big dining area i can pin a chroma key sheet to, so i will be giving it a bash to see what i can come up with...it's a lot cheaper than buying an animation programme.

Last but not least i am trying to learn how to make drum beats. I have "Groove agent one" and "HAlion Symphony" sitting festering aeay on my computer being unused, and i find not being able to add drums to be a painin the arse. Learning how to do it is my next aim for music production advancement. I have asked on cubase.net for help or advice, and as soon as i get it i will start giving it a bash. I may need a midi controller (which is a pain) which means extra expense (that's the pain part), but i saw a Korg midi controller for only $50 and if it's useable  i will get it :)

Phil has asked me to add drum beats and a video of him and a friend playing/singing "Pump up the Jam". This will be my second attempt at making a video for someone else, and will need me to learn a few things in order to pull it off. Never one to shy away from a challenge, it has fast tracked my neeed to learn drum loop creation which is good...i need a kick up the arse sometimes.

Well that was a fair bit of info.

Time to get off this before i start telling you what i had for breakfast.

Peace out....Huck
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U need help on loops gimme a shout m8, can lay u out the basics and get you running from there biggrin

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