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Well, i've finally broken the 1,000 minute practice marker! 1,091 to be precise, and i hsaved a few off here and there when i didn't write down my start times just so i kept it honest....so, let's round it down to a healthy 1,090 minutes. I will be ramping up my practice as i get closer to going to America to Phil's place> I don't want to be crap if they ask me to play - i want to carry  off anything i try if you will - so i will be trying to make my playing gig ready...which leads me to my next paragraph.

I will be setting up a way to play live on the net and Daemonsin is going to set up my page for me so that people can watch me play live on the site. I will be using a livefeed site that lets you embed your feed to your site, and then adding a chatroom addon under it so that people can chat while they watch. This will be started mid August when the new "Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910" comes out. It has double mics which will be handy for catching my playing. when i ge ... Read more »
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