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Going live soon. MY web cam has just left the UK (or so my UPS tracking number tells me), and i expect it sometime tomorrow or the Thursday at the latest. My next port of call will be a blog TV type site to play a few covers and get the nerves ready for playing. I will be eventually playing through this site...http://www.livevideo.com...They have a site addonthat i can use to show my stuff,  but i will have to beta test my balls to see if i'm up to it.

I have noticed that i may be playing to an empty room, and i have to whore my videos in my game forums to get people to watch them. Not sure if i feel ok with that, but what can you do? I made a video about a girl called Sarah Shroud, who is currently in prison in Iran where she has been for the last year or so without charge...I think i will make a lot more stuff like this. I've never really tried to make shit people like (just stuff i liked), and i think it's time to ratchet up the output with some head fuck (i like that).< ... Read more »
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