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11:49 PM
Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict.
Going live soon. MY web cam has just left the UK (or so my UPS tracking number tells me), and i expect it sometime tomorrow or the Thursday at the latest. My next port of call will be a blog TV type site to play a few covers and get the nerves ready for playing. I will be eventually playing through this site...http://www.livevideo.com...They have a site addonthat i can use to show my stuff,  but i will have to beta test my balls to see if i'm up to it.

I have noticed that i may be playing to an empty room, and i have to whore my videos in my game forums to get people to watch them. Not sure if i feel ok with that, but what can you do? I made a video about a girl called Sarah Shroud, who is currently in prison in Iran where she has been for the last year or so without charge...I think i will make a lot more stuff like this. I've never really tried to make shit people like (just stuff i liked), and i think it's time to ratchet up the output with some head fuck (i like that).

My wife broke my electric guitar...that was nice. In fairness, she didn't know what she'd dont, and the thing was a cheap piece of crap anyway...now with the neck cracked roughly along the second fret at the back. I might use it ina video where i set it on fire...that'd be neat.

another 250 minutes playing done, that'll be 1340 now. I played for 70 minutes one day that bumped it up a bit, and my fingers are actually pretty sore right now. I only hope that i can carry a tune well enough for 39 minutes. I have about half a dozen covers i like to use for practicing, but i never play them to anyone else...we'll see i guess.

Lastly, i was looking at a couple of Tshirt making sites that i could use to throw a merchandise link up on the page. It's not that i think people (the three or four that actually visit here) will buy them, but 'd like to get some Tshirts with the site adress being worn about...that couldn't hurt :). Problem is most of the sites set their Tshirt costs around £18 or $22,,,,is that right? Sounds a bit steap to me. I'd love to try and flog stuff to people who may want to watch me, but i'd want them at a decent price....fuck. I may look for outside assistance with designs...apply within. (i'll need to ask Daemon sin to reinstall the contact section with a small link at the bottom of the page).

Anyhoo...going to open another bottle of wine. Peace out...Huck
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