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It's Sunday again. I think i'll post here every Sunday from now on. When i come back from holidays i will make Sunday the day to update the site. Sunday is also Beer night for me, the night i usually get drunk at home. This may make for an interesting blog (i've come to terms with the fact that this is actually a blog, no matter how many swears i put in the title link) on the Sundays i work dayshift, i will have to write it after i play and after a couple of beers.

I played on my livefeed when i could this week. The connectivity is really becoming an issue, three days this week i couldn't connect with the livevideo server and had to abandon my attempt to play online. I think i will give up the idea to play live every day. Not only were my fingers hurting like buggery, but it was getting really stale really quickly. I will pick two days to play and maybe a third to play inpromtu if i feel like it. I'll still try to practice every day but i will try to learn new songs and stuff o ... Read more »
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