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7:00 PM
Beer night and bad connections
It's Sunday again. I think i'll post here every Sunday from now on. When i come back from holidays i will make Sunday the day to update the site. Sunday is also Beer night for me, the night i usually get drunk at home. This may make for an interesting blog (i've come to terms with the fact that this is actually a blog, no matter how many swears i put in the title link) on the Sundays i work dayshift, i will have to write it after i play and after a couple of beers.

I played on my livefeed when i could this week. The connectivity is really becoming an issue, three days this week i couldn't connect with the livevideo server and had to abandon my attempt to play online. I think i will give up the idea to play live every day. Not only were my fingers hurting like buggery, but it was getting really stale really quickly. I will pick two days to play and maybe a third to play inpromtu if i feel like it. I'll still try to practice every day but i will try to learn new songs and stuff on some days, and play them on the days i go live. I asked for a few ideas for songs to learn from my chess playing buddies, got a few ideas (not many to be honest), but there are a few songs i want to learn anyway. Using up all my practice time in front of a camera stops me from learning anything, this seems like a sensible way to progress.

Four people listened to me last Sunday, including one of my friends from Scotland. The rest were fly by people from livevideo.com but i have to admit it was brown trouser time when i realised i was actually playing to more than just an empty room. I sweat buckets and made mistakes, but i think i managed to pulll it off. I never expected people to look and stay for long, and they didn't (except Sticks who chatted with me on the chatroom while i spoke back over the mics)...I said last week i would go on for ages when more than one person listens to me, so here it is haha. I would love 10 or more to listen to me, that would be a target for the end of the year - Maybe a subscriber to my live channel, that would be nice. If i actually tried to push my live feed over the forums i use i'm sure i would get 10 easy (my haters would max that out easy) but i am waiting till i get better before i think about that.

I still haven't done anything with the chat roulette stuff, and to be honest i've been really really lazy of late. I cant think of anything to play over the top of it and i still have no idea how ot make drum beats which i think is the real reason i have stalled on this project. I'd love to make whole songs complete with beats and not knowing how is really bumming me out. I will set Wednesday as a time limit for the video and either i will use one of the 6 preset ebats or learn how to make them goddamn it. Then i can move on to not making a video using the toon boom software haha.

After playing tonight i have another 200 minutes (not as much as i would've wanted) clocke up over the week. 1810 total
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