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Hi there, and Happy New year to whoever is reading this. I will be listing my New year's resolutions here and when i look back at 2011 i hope i can say i have achieved all or most of them....nah, all of them. I know i have liste my objectives in the video on the homepage, but this will be a more comprehensive list with explanations and any extra stuff i think i should add which wasn't in the video....Anyhoo, let's start.

1) I want to make a music video every week - 52 in all, hopefully every Monday. I want at least 10 of them to be collaberations with other youtubers, 2 to be fully animated, and at least one to be fully VST (Virtual Studio Technology) created.

2) I'd like to make talking videos every two weeks. These would be more vloggy wherei would chat for a few minutes. If they don't take off, i will gladly pack the idea in as a bad idea.

3) I will be starting from scratch with my 10,000 minutes practice for the year. This works out at roughly 28 minut ... Read more »
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