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9:40 PM
New Year New objectives.
Hi there, and Happy New year to whoever is reading this. I will be listing my New year's resolutions here and when i look back at 2011 i hope i can say i have achieved all or most of them....nah, all of them. I know i have liste my objectives in the video on the homepage, but this will be a more comprehensive list with explanations and any extra stuff i think i should add which wasn't in the video....Anyhoo, let's start.

1) I want to make a music video every week - 52 in all, hopefully every Monday. I want at least 10 of them to be collaberations with other youtubers, 2 to be fully animated, and at least one to be fully VST (Virtual Studio Technology) created.

2) I'd like to make talking videos every two weeks. These would be more vloggy wherei would chat for a few minutes. If they don't take off, i will gladly pack the idea in as a bad idea.

3) I will be starting from scratch with my 10,000 minutes practice for the year. This works out at roughly 28 minutes every day, and i will be trying to complete this well ahead of scedule if possible. I want to improve my playing and make it worth listening to, this means putting the graft in and i plan to do exactly that.

4) I want to get a song up for sale on itunes. Three would be ideal, but i want to make this thing pay, and itunes is a way to start making that happen. I also want to set up a merch link on this page, and then my new site...I will be trying to create some designs for tshirts and cups and mats and stuff...then i can get a few to give away - the idea being to promote the site, and hopefully look a bit more professional. I use adsense at the moment, but nobody seems to click on the ads (which is how they pay). . .pity that.

5) I want to get my new web page up and running. It will be at www.hucks-world.com.

6) I want to clock up 100 blog tv shows this year. I usually play every Sunday which should count for 48-50 of them (holidays count for the sundays i don't play). This means i need to make up 50+ through the week which is doable. I also want to make my blogtv shows better. This will hopefully happen through a mixture of hard work and practise.

7) I plan to run in the Dublin Marathon this year. I originally just wanted to run 10 miles, but i went and registered for the marathon through sheer stupidity. I will also be saving a euro for every mile i run this year. When i had planned to run 10 miles i said €1 for every Km, but now i want to do the marathon the extra work involved makes that not viable for me. By changing it to €1 per mile means i don't have to give up this resolution. The money will be given to charity in some way, i haven't worked out the details on that one quite yet.

8) I'd like to get 50 people to attend a blogtv show at one time, or to have a video make 1000 views naturally, or to get say 500 subs or 20,000 video views for the year...but those things are things i can't really achieve through practise and enthusiasm alone. I need a bit of luck and to gain some sort of notoriety or name about myself. Being just a musician isn't a big thing anymore, and not being a particularly great one doesn't help...I will be pushing to excell, and i can only hope that it will pay in the end.


Well, it's January 2nd now, and i've clocked 60 minutes practise. I will be just adding a numkber at the end of my weekly blogs, with the format being....60/55 (55 being the amount needed to be on track for 10,000 if i practised every day  - 10,000/365* number of days passed). Also i've ran 5 miles (i started 31st Dec)...i'll add that number to the bottom of each post aswell. Here's to a great new year.

60/55.....5 miles

Peace out...Huck.

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