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I've played 310 minutes this week...so 720/438 for the year.
I've played 6/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made 4/52 music videos.

I've decided to count my cover videos as vids for the year, after i realised that not even Gershwin could come up with a good song every week with just an accoustic guitar and my talent. I recorded my blog TV last week, and threw it up on youtube, i also recorded my doing "The beat(en) Generation" by The The....not very well it has to be said, but it still counts in my book :P

I've noticed improvements in my playing, and my singing of late. I think the practice is showing, and even though i'm nowhere near as good as some of the guys i see on blogtv i'm tightening up a lot, and my mistakes are a lot less. I'm practicing a few more covers to add to my repertoire as i'd ideally like to have 2 hours of material to work off of in my half hour slots...so i can mix it up when i want to.

I've run another 7.5 miles. I was supposed to run today, but ... Read more »
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