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9:42 PM
I'm getting better :)
I've played 310 minutes this week...so 720/438 for the year.
I've played 6/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made 4/52 music videos.

I've decided to count my cover videos as vids for the year, after i realised that not even Gershwin could come up with a good song every week with just an accoustic guitar and my talent. I recorded my blog TV last week, and threw it up on youtube, i also recorded my doing "The beat(en) Generation" by The The....not very well it has to be said, but it still counts in my book :P

I've noticed improvements in my playing, and my singing of late. I think the practice is showing, and even though i'm nowhere near as good as some of the guys i see on blogtv i'm tightening up a lot, and my mistakes are a lot less. I'm practicing a few more covers to add to my repertoire as i'd ideally like to have 2 hours of material to work off of in my half hour slots...so i can mix it up when i want to.

I've run another 7.5 miles. I was supposed to run today, but after doing the family shopping day thing i ouldn't be arsed...i'll get stuck into it tomorrow again with another route that is a bit bigger, 3 miles to be precise. So, that's 17.5 miles so far this year...not even a full marathon in two weeks, it's quite sad. What makes it even worse is that i've had to stop on all but one of my runs, so i'm not even running/jogging the whole journey. I am hoping that if i build up to 5 miles through to March, i can build up the distance before i stop aswell.

I've started playing DC Universe online, and have a character there. O was thinking about doing a whole new page on gaming, but i can't quite be arsed...nobody will be reading it anyway.

Back to rith's blogtv for me now, i just got kicked by an ops and i have to wait 15 mins before i get back in.

Peace out...Huck

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