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I've played 250 minutes this last two week ...so 3920 /4137 for the year.
I've played 15/100 Blogtv shows.
I've made 20/52 music videos.

I did shit on practice, but in my defence...well...nah, any defence would be pretty shit. I work 60 hours a day, i have a pregnant wife, and i work nights so my free time isn't always acoustic guitar compatable. I still should be able to fit in 30 minutes of i get my fat arse off the computer chair (which is the real reason, after all). I heard on the radio that the only way to be rgeat at something is through thousands of hours practice, and here i am trying to get 10,000 minutes done in a year. So, at that rate (167 hours a year) I'll be a great guitarist by the time i'm oooooh, 108 years old. I need to pick the pace up a bit if i can, but as the kid is due in November, i doubt i'll be Yngie Malsteen good any time soon.

I recorded another song - "sitting, waiting, wishing" by Jack Johnson - which i at least managed to sing fairly ... Read more »
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