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I've decided not to use this blog as a daily event thing where i bore people to tears about what i had for breakfast, but rather use it when i have some genuine stuff to share with people.
Daemon Sin said that in order to get people to come to the site, i had to fill it wqith stuff to do - Good content, games, liven up the forums and stuff like that. I'm thinking on having a lyrics writing competition where i record a piece of music, and get people to write the lyrics for it, i could then get the word out that there is a cash prize (i'm thinking on €20 for the first one). I'm sure i could get a few people ot come and participate, and even if i don't it's not that much money that i'm sad if it doesn't work. Other things i'm thinking about is a music review section where i (or someone else) reviews an album/single every week. Some news on music might go well, or maybe some takes on current events that can be ... Read more »
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So, i quickly realised that HTML and CSS are not my thing. I've managed to score the help of a professional web designer in the form of Daemon sin to work on the site and make it look respectable. The top bar, and teh layout are examples of his handy work, and i'm eternally greatful for his help. I'm sure as the site gets older, and hopefully people start using it, he will be onhand to make any changes that are needed (if he doesn't kill me first for annoying him). PLans include a page of my archived videos, a page for friends to post their videos (in the future), a photo page for fellow "tin foil hat" enthusiasts...that's about it so far. Once the tweaks are finished, i'll start pushing the site and promoting it as best i can (by emailing all my friends and saying "look at this please :P" 108 minutes practice as of now. I hope to get an electric guitar soon, and a lead to plug it straight into my Zoom h4n. I hope that will increase the range of music i can produce...i'm sure it will. ... Read more »
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I've decided to see how quick it will take me to clock up 10,000 minutes of guitar practice.
"10,000 minutes you retarded monkeyboy" I hear you say. I mean i plan to record my practice times (which have of late been 10 minutes a day at best), and try to get 10,000 minutes done as soon as i can. Only rule is that recording time doesn't count.
I'm off to clock some up now....Bye.
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Hi guys. I'm trying to work out how to create this page, so this'll look pretty crap and basic for mow. Remember to click the ad on the front page, i have adsense installed and i want to make a cent or two from your clicks....the clicks will eventually pay for a small 15V amp (that's the plan anyway).
I want to eventually have a site for my music, and for people who get into what i do.....Tally ho and all that.
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